17 June 2020 –

I read the report « The hidden online world fueling far-right terrorism », written by the Community Security Trust (CST) – UK.

In his blog of The Times of Israel, the first words of the CST communications director, Mark Gardner, speak volumes :

« You won’t be able to read CST’s new report, because the content is so extreme that we cannot make it public. »


Screenshot of post featured in the CST report, entitled Hate Fuel: the hidden online world fuelling far right terror (Jewish News)

The report informs the dangerous situation :

 » A global network of violent Neo-Nazis is fueling terrorism and murder by sharing vast quantities of easily accessible, extreme and violent images and posts on social media platforms. This material repeatedly and explicitly calls for Jews to be killed. »

The Grand replacement and antisemitism are the mean ideologies diffused by these extremists in the four platforms analyzed in this report: Bitchut, Gab, Telegram and 4 Chanels. I would have added VK.

Thanks to these platforms, these extremists influence each other to take action against the Jews, they glorify,  banalize violence, and dehumanize the victims.


The conclusion of the report is clear :

 » As a response to the threat and reality of jihadist terrorism, governments, law enforcement and social media companies prioritized tackling that material to shut down the online spaces used by jihadists to spread their propaganda. Those same agencies now need to treat far right terror as a global threat and devote a similar effort to address the online incitement that fuels it. Police forces and security services in Britain, Germany and some other countries are aware of the danger, but far greater international efforts and coordination are urgently required. This includes the need for clarity of jurisdiction over social media channels and internet hosts ».

I would like to add the report of Online Hate prevention institute, published in 2019, that gives a section of recommendations to create a partnership between Industry-platforms and Governments.

The governments must realize the extreme urgency of this hate online and act now!