February 14, 2024

Lucas Gage: When Neo-Nazis and Oct 7 Denialists Meet

Angelo John Gage, who changed his name to Lucas Gage in 2022 to evade social network bans, is an American extremist influencer known for advocating white supremacy and neo-Nazism. He also supports the left-wing BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement calling for the destruction of Israel. Most recently, Gage has engaged in violent threats against Jews and furious denial of the October 7, 2023 attacks on Jews by Hamas. Denying the reality of the largest antisemitic massacre of the 21st century has facilitated a convergence between neo-Nazi movements and pro-Hamas groups, exemplified by Gage’s hateful broadcasts across online platforms.

Gage’s latest X account had already racked up more than 220,000 followers when it was suspended again in December 2023 following a series of violent anti-Jewish hate posts. He quickly set up a ‘temporary X account‘.

According to Gage, the “Zionists and Jewish supremacists” were behind the backlash against him. In a video, Gage could be seen saying: “Guys wanted to just hopefully inspire you how to deal with Zionists and Jewish supremacists. You subhuman pieces of s**t ” . The diatribe raised serious questions about Gage’s psychological state and possible threats to commit hate crimes against Jews on the basis of their religion and ethnicity – a criminal offense in the United States.

“That’s how you talk to these Zionists. You are dealing with monsters. Would you talk to a pedophile like that? We are at war with these f*****g demons. (…) They are satanic, they are demons. They don’t treat demons with respect. And I actually disagree, sir. Excuse me, sir. I disagree. You f*****g slay them”.

Gage continued with the threats in February 2024 when he asked his online audience for help to buy a weapon.

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